About Us

Welcome to Flameboyant Candle Co.
We have some serious scentitude!

I got started in 2004, wow! So much time has passed. I was working one day with this super nice lady and we got talking and she was telling me about making candles and I was super excited. I told her how interested I was in learning and she invited me over and that was the beginning of my love for making candles. I remember going with her to the farm out in the Kitchener area to pick up bees wax. Now, I love the smell of bees wax, it brings back so many memories - even the ones of having to clean and filter it to make the candles.
In 2010, I had to downsize and I made the decision to not make candles anymore and started my clothing and accessories line. It went really well, but I missed creating and blending my oil. (I love oils too and I love blending to create scents that everyone loves). Now in 2020 staying home has helped me connect to the things I want to do. I started making candles to fill my time and to put smiles on my friends and family faces. I would make small batches of Soy candles and I would porch drop off with a handmade funny card and a candle. Everyone would call to say thanks and how much they loved my creation.